Greenheart timber removal

Water jetting and cold cutting to remove greenheart timber


UHP offers water jetting and cold cutting to remove greenheart timber as a cost effective and reliable method.


Greenheart Removal


Cold cutting is a clean and safe way to remove greenheart timber from structures:


  • Applicable to any thickness
  • Spark free, ideal for flammable materials
  • No heat generation which is a problem for traditional methods which create a fire hazard.
  • The Cutting Head is small and portable - ideal for restricted areas
  • No grit contamination or disposal costs
  • Environmentally friendly and excellent H&S record - uses no hazardous materials and creates no gases or dust.


Greenheart Applications

Greenheart removal


In ships, the wood is used for everything from planking and gangways to engine bearers, stern posts, fenders, and sheathing.

Greenheart is also used in docks, piling, revetments, lock gates, handrails, jetties and wharves.


Our equipment includes:


  • 3,000 bar water jetting equipment with a variety of attachments