Remove or repair all types of concrete structures


UHP offers Hydrodemolition to a wide range of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, offshore, construction, power, steel and heavy industries.


Benefits of hydrodemolition


Hydrodemolition is widely used to remove or repair all types of concrete structures and has many benefits:


  • Does not cause micro cracks
  • Does not damage reinforced steel in the structure and steel is cleaned by the action of the UHP water
  • A good surface is created for bonding with new concrete
  • Water Jetting removes chlorides and other non visible contamination.
  • Selective removal of worn or damaged areas of concrete



Hydrodemolition Applications


Hydrodemolition has replaced the jackhammer or pneumatic breaker in concrete removal:


  • Bridges and road structures
  • Runways
  • Car parks
  • All types of building
  • Walls and dams
  • Docks and harbours



Our equipment includes:


  • 3,000 bar water jetting equipment with a variety of attachments