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About UHP (UK) Ltd

UHP (UK) Limited was founded in 1997 to provide industries with a unique and innovative way to clean and maintain virtually any form of structure.

Our service is supported by over 14 years worth of first hand experience operating equipment at Ultra High Pressure.

We guarantee to meet your requirements by:


Here is a sample of just some of the projects we have worked on:

  12 Keys Jetty

Project carried out on 12 keys jetty Liverpool and working within the operational requirements of the busy link between Birkenhead, Belfast and Dublin. Following removal of the broken down non-skid surface a new non-skid service was laid.
12 Keys Jetty
  Furness Abbey

Complete outer shell blasting and painting completed on schedule for associated British ports.
Furness Abbey
  PDT Seal Sands

A two vessel dry docking program carried out for PDT's port at the dry dock in North East England.
Seal Sands
  PDT Heortnesse

The Heortnesse is a large dredger that required extensive surface preparation and painting in PDT's dry dock.

  Albert Dock

Provided blasting and cleaning services during a crucial shutdown to the lock system for essential repair work to be carried out. All blasting and cleaning completed ahead of schedule.
Albert Dock
  Port of Liverpool Dock Gate Repair

UHP works carried out on the gate included:

Surface preparation & Priming,
Cold Cutting,
Greenheart Removal.
  Port of Workington

UHP works carried out on the gate included:

Surface preparation & Painting,
Greenheart removal.
  New Liverpool Landing Stage

Landing stage prepared and made safe for passenger access in summer 2006.
  Cold Cutting

UHP cold cutting project completed on time for Peel Ports on the lock gates refurbishment program.
Cold Cutting May 2008
  HSS Explorer - Working in Belfast

Extensive hull blasting and painting carried out in the dry dock in Belfast. The HSS Explorer being a complex aluminum hulled vessel.
HSS Explorer
  PDT Cleveland County

Project involved preparation work prior to dry docking and final painting.

Cleveland County
  North East Rail Tunnel

Time critical concrete repair carried during busy repair schedule.
Tunnel repair
  Stenna Pioneer

UHP repair of internal steel decks during dry docking.
Stenne Pioneer
  Stenna Line HSS

Aluminium surface preparation used on vessels such as the Stennaline HSS.
  Concrete Trimming

High pressure used to trim concrete sleepers ( this being a very high grade of concrete).
Concrete Trimming
  Gladstone Outer Lock Gate

Worn lock gate pintals were removed from the granite surrounds. The operation took place inside a limpet dam.